Where to Start

Where to start……I suppose it should be with a greeting. So hello to all of you reading this.

My name Is Elliot Cukier, however most people call me Cooks. It is something that has haunted me for most of my teenage life, ever since Ms Kirkland’s science class back in Year 7 of JFS where Joel Kaas came up with this idea that instead of being called Elliot Cukier (my actual name???) that I should be known as Cooks. Personally I think to this day, he was jealous that I was going to be in a film and all he could talk about was this appearance he had in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

But anyway enough of that. As someone that calls himself a social media consultant (amongst other things) I knew that someday I would have to have my own blog. And I held off for so long, ignoring those wiser and instead writing for my employers – The JVN. For those of you that don’t know, One of my jobs is a Social Media Consultant to the Jewish Volunteering Network and I have blogged for them before. But anyway……after putting it off for so long I finally have given in, hence you are reading this.

From the name of the blog, you will probably get the gist of what I will be writing about and you will be reading. There will be major life events, major sporting and business events and on the odd occasion, the odd rant/vent about things that annoy me. My sister Shelley hates me using social media as a tool to vent but I will end up ignoring her as I do for most things and use this for that purpose.

So here goes nothing, hope your with me for the ride……its gonna be bumpy, boring and absolutely brilliant!!!


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