Time For Change – Reviewing the past and looking to the future

Its has been a weird few weeks for me. From leaving the Peter Jones Academy with no intentions of going whatsoever to uni and spending the whole year working in order to build a successful career, to writing this from my room at Carnegie Village on a Leeds Met Campus. 


One night I was sitting at home as my sister was nervously looking through clearing just in case she didn’t get her results (thank g-d she did and I look forward to gate crashing her nights out in Birmingham) and I thought to myself ‘why not have a look at your course and see what they are asking’. Turns out I had well over what they were asking and decided to call them the next morning and see if I could get it. After various phonecalls to both Leeds Met and to people who I greatly trust and often seek advice for, I ended up accepting an offer to Leeds Met University to study Sports Marketing. 


I never planned on going. My year at Yavneh College was a great year of learning and helped me in many different ways, but I came out of it thinking university isn’t for me. And I have spent the whole year working because I was trying to build a career in Sports Marketing. However to break in to the industry, it seems you need a degree and experience in the industry to be able to get a job. And so when the offer from the University came, I had to think long and hard about it. But after all is said and done, I realised that this course could provide me both experience and a degree. I’m not saying go to uni. Hell knows in a few weeks I may have decided that it still isn’t for me. But as someone who I trust and look up to said, If you try something and fail it, at least you know you gave it your best shot. But if you don’t try something and it turns out it might have been great for you, you will live to regret it forever. So after seeing my favourite radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil perform again, and randomly meeting my first Jew since getting up here, I’m writing this because at the moment, it feels right. I have to say, very weird going to a beach party, randomly talking to a girl from essex, and it turns out she not only knows all the people I went to school with, but she also knows all my friends from essex and is also Jewish. 


I do miss my weekdays at the JVN and Preston Bennett however as they were great people to work with and they also both taught me so much and helped me improve as a person. If anyone ever needs a house in the North London Area (particularly Stanmore) then I can put you in touch with the one of the best estate agents around. Preston Bennett have some amazing people working there and work tirelessly to make sure their clients are satisfied with the service they are offered. And the Jewish Volunteering Network is a very special organisation. If you ever want to volunteer, with anyone, or complete an internship, then talk to JVN. They are really passionate about what they do and I really see a bright future for them in the charity sector in general as Leonie and her team are something very special and it was a pleasure to spend 9 months there. 


So at 04:40 in the morning i’m signing off. My life has completely changed over the past few weeks but so far its been good and I look forward to what is to come. 



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