Volunteering: How Far is Too Far?

Before I was a student at Leeds Metropolitan University, I was a Social Media Consultant, working for various different organisations. This is a blog I wrote for one of my former employers, the Jewish Volunteering Network. JVN helps volunteers find suitable opportunities mainly within the Jewish Community. They are a great organisation which I am a big advocate of to this day, and they did lots to help me progress both personally and professionally. They asked me to write a blog for about Volunteering & Israels Independence Day last year and I thought I would share it this year!! Obviously a couple of things are out of date (mainly the state of Manchester United) but the thought still counts…..Am Yisrael Chai!
P.S. CLICK ON THIS LINK RATHER THAN THE TEXT BELOW!!!!!!http://www.jvnblog.com/volunteering-how-far-is-too-far/

The Jewish Volunteering Network Blog

Volunteering for a particular cause or organisation is often a way of becoming extremely passionate about it. People can go to extreme lengths in terms of the time they dedicate and, in some circumstances, the risks they take to see their vision become a reality. In this blog, JVN Intern Elliot Cukier examines just how far people go to volunteer, and whether sometimes they exceed what is necessary and what is sensible.

“The sporting season is currently at its peak. Whether you’re a football fan looking so see whether Sir Alex Ferguson can lead Manchester united to a thirty third trophy under his reign, or whether you’re a Formula One fan looking to see whether Vettel can take a fourth drivers World Championship, you cannot fail to be excited by the drama. But something that nearly all these sports have in common as exemplified by London 2012 was the fact that…

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